Programming & Database

db-progrmmerWe specialize in web-accessible databases on our client’s servers. We provide applications for clients that are driven by powerful databases. Whether it is an eCommerce shop or a Content Management system, we design the correct architecture to make your business purrr…

A database can keep track of your customer base, orders, products and locations — all from your web browser, and allow you to have administrative rights to the content for easy updates.

Rome Technology Ltd. designs and consults on the development and implementation of database architecture and database integration.

We are experts in most database environments. These include Oracle,Microsoft, IBM, and Open source products MySQL and PostGres.

If you are managing a full redesign, our methodology for structuring and organizing information will help you build a usable, scalable web site to stand the test of time.

Deliverables and work products we’ll use to communicate our recommendations and designs include:

Metadata specifications, controlled vocabularies

Blueprints, search systems, site maps, indexes

Technology Assessment
Plans for integrating software tools to support classification, indexing, searching

Content Management
Plans for aligning policies, people, workflow, content, and technology

Knowledge Transfer
Documentation, training, and consulting

We’ll collaborate with your teams to develop a solution you can grow and manage long after our consulting engagement is completed.

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