Custom Mobile Websites

Customers coming to your website on a mobile device do so with a different set of needs and circumstances, Therefore your mobile website design can not be simply a smaller version of your full site.  Your corporate look and feel should translate, but everything else about it should address making it quick and easy for your customer to get in and get to exactly what they want.

You can safely assume that your mobile website has only limited or fleeting attention of the mobile user. The expertise of Rome Technology mobile web design professionals can help you capture, effectively direct this fleeting attention to meeting the mobile customers’ need and building your business.

Because mobile technology is evolving rapidly, you need a designer specially experienced in mobile website design and its technical intricacies, as well as a professional oriented to design that drives business results.

Rome Technology Ltd. Mobile Web Design team addresses both mobile technology best practices and your business goals by creating mobile website designs that are:

  • Visually elegant in their simplicity
  • Compatible with a variety of screen sizes and mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, etc.)
  • Functional  and easy to integrate with mobile applications
  • Exceptionally easy to navigate